Kate Middleton told the secret to rapid weight loss

Кейт Миддлтон рассказала секрет экспресс-похудения

It turns out that the Duchess’s secret is simple: she’s after the children!

How many questions arise around the figure of Kate Middleton! After the birth of Princess Charlotte Duchess of Cambridge are very quickly lost. Some started saying: there are no health problems with Kate? But it turned out that the secret to rapid weight loss is simple: Middleton actively running.

Along with her husband Prince William Kate attended in new Delhi at a reception on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II, hosted at the residence of the British high Commissioner. During small talk, the guests asked Kate how she could so quickly get back in shape, less than a year.

“I run for the children,” said Middleton. As it turned out, besides the usual Jogging Kate actively playing with the children and running after them. And immediately after the birth of Charlotte insiders said that the Duchess of Cambridge started with a personal trainer in the gym and even at home. We also heard that the star has long sat on the Dukan diet.

In addition, Middleton loves the loading days on the cocktails: using a blender makes the Kate fractie or vegetable smoothies that you can eat throughout the day, according to Celebrity health fitness portal.

By the way, Kate is very carefully monitor their appearance and indulging in expensive cosmetic procedures: correspondents ABC conducted an investigation and found that the care Middleton spends around 37 thousand dollars a year.

Hair care Kate priority: three times a week Middleton makes styling for 75 dollars, and every six weeks – haircut and hair coloring (Yes, the deep chocolate shade of hair of the wife of Prince William is not only excellent genetics), Kate takes 11 thousand dollars a year.

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