Кейт Миддлтон рассказала, как завоевывала сердце Елизаветы II
The Duchess revealed the recipe for a good relationship with the British Queen.

Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II

Photo: Splash News/East news

To enjoy
relatives of his wife, young girls often have to go to all kinds of tricks. What can I say, if you need to impress the
British Queen? Kate Middleton has shared exclusive details and
told how she managed to get the sympathy of Elizabeth II.

As it turned out, the beginning is good
relations of the Duchess of Cambridge with her new spouse Prince William,
was personally cooked Kate’s Christmas present. At its most
the first joint celebration with the Royal family Middleton appeared with a jar
home-made sauces-chutneys! She had prepared it the traditional way
his grandmother and Packed in a beautiful jar. Elizabeth II adopted the “present” and politely thanked her . What a surprise it was Middleton, the next day when she saw her gift on the dining table Queen. Sauce-chutney fell on Elizabeth’s soul, and since then, Kate pleases her regularly for its culinary
abilities. By the way, next Christmas, the Duchess of Cambridge presented to the Queen it brewed strawberry jam.

By the way, the sister Kate — Pippa Middleton
subsequently, shared a recipe of “magic” sauce-chutney with his culinary
book. In the list of ingredients include zucchini, apples, brown sugar, onion and
even raisins. And, since, the recipe has received approval from the Queen, he
quickly became one of the “must-have” in the kitchen of any British housewife.

And most recently, the Duchess
Cambridge shared one detail of their relationship with Elizabeth II. “From the first
days of Dating, the Queen was sure that I felt good and
comfortable. She’s very thoughtful and generous!” said Kate in an interview.

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