Kate Middleton to raise their children as they see fit

Кейт Миддлтон воспитывает своих детей так, как считает нужным

Modern monarchs are definitely different from their ancestors. From childhood their lives had an important ceremony and some traditional aspects, but behind the closed door of the castle they remain normal children. At least, this happens from the Duke of Cambridge, aka Prince William and his dear wife Kate, who is so loved by the British (and not only the British) for their simplicity.

Кейт Миддлтон воспитывает своих детей так, как считает нужным
According to the publication, RadarOnline, the mother of Prince George and Princess Charlotte decided that her children will be educated according to ITS rules, and it means that she will get the silver spoons out of their beautiful mouths and raise them as normal children.
“Kate breaks Royal Protocol at Kensington Palace. She wanted to raise their children as they see fit. Even if someone is outraged by this perversity of the Duchess, then he has to keep quiet because d
Кейт Миддлтон воспитывает своих детей так, как считает нужнымon the coronation of William is not so much time” — said the insider.
The Duchess keeps children away from the public, and they “have no idea that they are the heirs to the throne”.
“They are exemplary and wonderful the Prince and Princess, but at home they, like all, play in the mud, fall from their ponies and throwing tantrums. Queen Elizabeth in absolute horror of violations of the rules: never before in the entire history of British monarchs rules of conduct for children trampled. But Kate insists, her children should have a normal childhood,” says the source.
It is noteworthy that the Dukes of Cambridge keep children away not only from public but also from.. of William’s father Prince Charles and his wife Princess Camilla. Despite the fact that Charles recently announced his friendly relations with his grandson George, in fact, they rarely are seen – Kate prefers to take the kids to his parents Carol and Michael Middleton. and William supported her in this.

A source close to the Royal court, said that the Duchess has their own methods of calming children. So if George went into a rage and hysteria, she takes him to the room where he’s in the corner there is a special soothing toys. Sometimes she pretends to be little girl to show how stupid his cry looks like. Usually this is enough to make George stopped crying and began to smile.
To learn children of William and Kate will be in an ordinary London school, any private institutions. At first it was reported that George to go to school Wetherby, the one that graduated at the time William and his brother Harry, but Kate insisted on secondary school.
Recently in an interview with the glossy publication, Prince William said he supported the idea of his wife to give children to be children and to raise them out of the Royal laws. He was sure that his mother Princess Diana, which no longer alive for twenty years, would be proud of this decision.