Кейт Миддлтон рассказала о беременности Меган и прозвище принца Уильяма

Yesterday, Kate Middleton together with Prince William visited the city of Leicester, where he attended the event in honor of the deceased in the past month, the owner of the football club “Leicester city” Vishaya of Sriwattanapongse and those who were on Board the crashed helicopter with him. Traditionally, the Dukes talked to fans who asked interesting public questions. The media managed to find out how to comment on Kate’s pregnancy Megan and how Prince George calls the Pope!

Кейт Миддлтон рассказала о беременности Меган и прозвище принца Уильяма

“Kate said that William played football last night and one of them, I think it was in Prince George, asked: “are You going to play football tomorrow, daddy?””, — shared a fan who managed to see Middleton. Quite cute, but the public is more interested in the sensational “feud” Kate and Megan! They say that along with Prince Harry Markle will move to Kensington Palace, because there to her bad attitude.

Leading asked what Middleton thinks about the imminent addition to the Royal family, to which she replied: “This is such an important time in our lives. For George and Charlotte, and even for Louis. It will be something special for all of us.”

Recall that a few months ago Meghan wrote the Preface to the cookery book, “Together: a cookbook of our community” (Together: Our Community Cookbook) in collaboration with the chefs of the initiative group of the Hubb Community Kitchen. Now she more closely with the chefs and cooks on the same kitchen for the needy.

For the latest release of Megan chose a coat and dress Club Monaco wine color. In the kitchen there was a charity event, in which the Duchess of Sussex together with the chefs of the community had prepared 200 meals for those in need: the homeless, the elderly and refugees. Prepare the dinners, the chefs talked to Markle and admitted that the proceeds from the sale of their joint book, helped them to completely renovate the kitchen and even start their own projects.

Here is a famous actress criticized Kate. Talking about the first months of life of her daughter, Edie, keira Knightley touched on the topic of childbirth and criticized Middleton. The fact that almost immediately after birth, the Duchess appeared in public together with her newborn baby and Prince William. “She came out of the hospital seven hours after giving birth, wearing makeup, high heels. Why hide and mask the pain when your body is torn apart, the chest is flowing and hormones are raging? To look beautiful and stylish in front of a bunch of men photographers? Seven hours later, after your struggle with life and death, Kate. Seven hours after your body was broken and from it came a bloody, screaming life? Don’t show your face! Don’t tell me!”

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