Kate Middleton protects son from contact with normal children

Кейт Миддлтон ограждает сына от общения с обычными детьми

Whatever loyal and close to people seem to be, Kate Middleton, Royal status and the behavior has not been canceled. To keep a distance from their subjects Duchess and teaches his children — Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Recently bloggers had caught Kate in that it limits communication George with “normal” children. On such thoughts of Internet users has prompted the visit Catherine George at the Playground’s opening in London.

According to eyewitnesses, the event Katherine tried to keep son with him, also let him communicate with the audience there kids.

Close to the family of monarchs informant told the press a secret that Middleton wish to be in control, somewhat similar to the current Queen of England Elizabeth II and have from childhood teaches son to his circle of friends she personally chooses.

“She very carefully selects friends for my son. Also Catherine almost never takes George to a public event,” said the insider.

Note that in contrast to this information, can be the fact that Prince George goes to the regular kindergarten. While it may be “normal” only called?…

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