Kate Middleton outraged by the behavior of her husband

Кейт Миддлтон возмущена поведением мужа
Prince William is resting in Switzerland at a ski resort.

Кейт Миддлтон возмущена поведением мужа

To rest, the Prince went without a family, with friends. William visited the club, where he met pretty girls and flirted with them. The network posted a video and photos where you can easily see the Prince in an embrace with a girl.

Many were outraged fiery dance, which was captured on one video.

Kate Middleton, on hearing this, was shocked by the behavior of her husband. She hoped the Prince after marriage tied with a troubled past.

“Kate seriously considered that William “tied” with his rave past and began to communicate less with questionable friends. She finds this very humiliating and terribly angry at her husband, although the separation is not out of the question,” – said a source close to the Royal family.

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