Kate Middleton may use the services of a surrogate mother

Кейт Миддлтон может прибегнуть к услугам суррогатной матери The public worries that the Duchess of Cambridge is unable to bear a child. The Western press claims that Kate Middleton and Prince William dream of a third baby. Royalty now looks very exhausted, but because insiders believe that she will have to resort to IVF.

      Regularly appear in the press news that the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is expecting a child. However, over time it becomes clear that this is nothing more than a rumor. However, insiders claim the Royal family – Kate Middleton and Prince William dream of a third heir, but not yet a noble person can give a spouse the baby because of exhaustion.

      According to foreign publications, the Duchess is so thin that hardly can bear the next heir. According to them, the woman is ready to go for artificial insemination and give birth to a new life with the help of a surrogate mother. It’s possible that she will go to desperate measures in order not to disappoint the people. The British still remember her vow to give birth to six children.

      According to insiders, Middleton happening an eating disorder, and therefore it requires the assistance of professionals to deal with this problem.

      “Poor Kate is suffering physically and mentally,” say those close to the Royal family. Her eating disorder is out of control. She also believes that the future child will be able to handle some of the problems in the marriage. But she lost so much weight that can’t conceive”.

      This situation trying to take advantage of mother-in-law Middleton Camilla. She suggests that the Duchess is too weak and not fit to be the next Queen of UK.

      Some time ago we discussed that the family of Prince William appeared some problems. Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva believes that the wife of the heir to the throne, struggling to cope with his character, but because Kate began to look worse.

      “William’s feelings prevail over reason, he is stubborn and sharp people do not accept criticism. But despite its explosiveness, the heir to the throne – sensitive and refined natures. This combination of traits makes Catherine mad, it is not easy to get along with your spouse. Plus, Kate is present in the sacrifice, day by day, she is completely absorbed in the life of the spouse and children on self-care, she doesn’t have time. Hence painful,” said Clara.

      However, according to the publication Radar, Kate is determined that her family has another baby. “William hopes that the child will save his wife!” – said the source.