Кейт Миддлтон вызвала ревность принца Уильяма Catherine behaved very kindly with sailor Ben Ainslie. Watching the picture of people say that she was flirting with a famous athlete in the eyes of the spouse. According to some information, the woman is familiar with one of the winners of major competitions not the first year, and between the long established relationship of trust.

      Кейт Миддлтон вызвала ревность принца Уильяма

      Kate Middleton with her husband Prince William arrived for the sailing competition, which was held in Portsmouth. The Duke and Duchess dressed in the uniform of athletes participating in races on the yacht, personally inspected some of the boats, and also congratulated the winners of the event.

      As noted by witnesses at the event, Catherine unnecessary long conversation with my old friend, the famous sailor, sir Ben Ainslie. According to several sources, Middleton met him at a charity ball in 2012. Since then, the representative of the Royal family and athlete share a deep friendship. However, rumor has it that Kate is completely different types at the young cheloveka. According to eyewitnesses at the event, Catherine was flirting with Ben, and tried to move closer to him during the conversation and to touch his hand. This behavior Middleton allowed herself when standing near her husband William.

      Surrounded by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge say that the heir to the British throne, Kate is very jealous to other men, thus causing her to worry. According to numerology Clara Kuzenbaeva, Middleton could not accept this attitude. “The biggest problem of their relationship – complicated character of the Prince. Always outwardly calm, in fact he is a man of emotions. William’s feelings prevail over reason, he is stubborn and sharp people do not accept criticism. But despite its explosiveness, the heir to the throne – sensitive and refined natures. This combination of traits makes Catherine mad, it is not easy to get along with your spouse. Plus, Kate is present in the sacrifice, day by day, she is completely absorbed in the life of the spouse and children on self-care, she doesn’t have time. Hence painful,” – said the expert.

      The British are trying to understand what is happening with Kate Middleton

      By the way, many Britons believe that the wrinkles on the face and unhealthy thinness Catherine – the consequences of the problems in the relationship with her husband. In addition, the woman has two children: Prince George and Princess Charlotte, trying to give each of them enough care and maternal warmth. Middleton explains to reporters that the secret of her slimness is very simple. “I just run their children”, – said the Duchess one of the publications.

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