Kate Middleton has provoked conversations about pregnancy

Кейт Миддлтон спровоцировала разговоры о беременности The latest pictures that appeared on the Network, Internet users have come to the conclusion that the Duchess of Cambridge is in an interesting position. On top of that Kate and Prince William will not attend Christmas dinner at the manor in Sandringham. Therefore, foreign media began to suspect that the Royal family is waiting for replenishment.

      Кейт Миддлтон спровоцировала разговоры о беременности

      Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has two children. Three year old George and Charlotte have attracted the attention pararatstsi. For the life of the Royal family is closely watched by reporters from around the world. On the last pictures taken during the visit of Kate and William in Bhutan and posted in social networks, Internet users saw the tummy of the Duchess. They came to the conclusion that the woman is pregnant again.

      Foreign media are discussing the future of the child Kate Middleton

      Kate Middleton’s different chiseled figure, which tries to emphasize the well-selected vintage clothes.But now the celebrity appears in loose clothing, and prefers jackets and cardigans. Just a few days ago, Kate visited the scout club. She came to the meeting with children in a long sweater, which, one way or another, observers of the event could see the rounded belly of a representative of the Royal family.

      Subscribers of account of the Royal family. Some even predict when a celebrity will give birth, while others refuse to believe the rumors and the photos do not give a clear understanding of the situation. After all, the Duchess did not comment on what is happening. But many, however, worried by the fact that the New year Kate and Prince William are going to meet separately from Queen Elizabeth II. They will go to the house wife the Duchess of Backvery.

      It should be noted that ever since Kate Middleton became the wife of Prince William, she only once was not present for the new year Royal dinner. Then she was pregnant with the first heir and felt not the best way. For objective reasons, the woman did not attend the event. A source close to the family, did not explain the reasons to celebrate the holiday apart from the rest of the family. All this caused a public outcry and led to repeated disputes in the Network.

      Recall that Kate Middleton married Prince William in 2011. In five years of marriage they had two children. The intention to become parents for the third time the pair has to date announced, but fans of the Royal couple are already looking forward to the news of the addition to the family.