Kate Middleton has a secret weapon

У Кейт Миддлтон появилось секретное оружие

The appearance and style of the Royal individuals is very important. With the appearance of Megan Markle, Kate Middleton had not sweet — the public is in awe of the Duchess of Sussex, so the wife of Prince William had to go to the heavy artillery. As reported by the Western media, Kate enlisted the help of longtime friend — former editor of Vogue.

Some time wardrobe Duchess of Cambridge is engaged in a 36-year-old Virginia Chadwick-Healey, better known as Ginny. The former editor of Vogue is an old friend of the spouses and even had their wedding at Westminster Abbey in 2011. “Ginny — secret weapon Kate. She made a great contribution in the Duchess’s wardrobe for social events and helped her gain confidence,” says the source.

Recall, despite the fact that Megan and Kate are trying to appear less together and miss important events in the life of each other, they still have one thing in common — a hospital in which to give birth Megan. The mother was placed in a private wing of the Lindo clinic. By the way, there gave birth to Princess Diana, her sons William and Harry.

In addition, there was born the first child of Princess Anne Peter mark Andrew Phillips, as well as representatives of the Royal house of Greece and Denmark Princess Theodora and Prince Philip. All in all, the hospital came to light eight offspring of the Royal families.

For childbirth of the Duchess responsibly, so the hospital staff is not allowed to take leave in the coming dates! Despite rumors that Markle is going to go to the hospital “Frimly Park”, which is located near the new home of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the source is sure that the future mother will give birth in London: “it Will be very surprising if Megan will not give birth in the private Lindo wing. There is security and resources necessary for the birth of the Royal baby.” It should be noted that day in the maternity ward of St. Mary’s hospital is 7 737 $ 1 540 per night.

Megan is now preparing to celebrate baby shower. Though the tradition of celebrating baby shower is not caught in the UK, Megan from it, not just complain about the Western media, is going to have a second party. Now the Duchess put all the stuff and preparing for the birth of the baby in the decree.

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