Kate Middleton explained the reason for the thinness

Кейт Миддлтон объяснила причину худобы The secret slimming of the Duchess was very simple. Kate Middleton has long had kept secret information about how she can quickly come in shape after childbirth. Finally, she told me about it.

      Кейт Миддлтон объяснила причину худобы

      The name of the wife of Prince William does not descend from the front pages of British Newspapers. In the Royal family Kate Middleton seems to have become the most popular person. The country watches with interest every act of the Duchess and eagerly catches every word. Earlier, the star never spoke about her superb figure, and its slender for a long time remained a mystery to fans.

      However, fans still managed to find out the mystery of the Duchess. The other day Kate and her husband William visited a tea ceremony in Delhi, India, organized on the occasion of the 90th birthday of the Queen of England. One of the guests of the occasion, Professor of political science at the University Jamia Mellia Islamia, took the initiative and allowed myself to ask how a senior lady managed to keep a slim figure after the birth of two children – George and Charlotte. The Duchess of Cambridge replied, not zadumyvayas. “I just run around after their children,” she said with a smile.

      After receiving a satisfactory answer, the visitor said Kate, not tired whether Middleton to smile, because all the techniques she emphasized friendly. “I just respond with the smile. Everything here is incredibly cute” – made in response to a compliment to the audience the Duchess.

      It is worth noting that even though Kate joked about her slim figure, the truth in her words, of course. Proof of this are the words of Prince William, who admitted that the heirs to the throne grow very moving.

      According to the father of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, the two toddlers run about the house, so they have to even slow down. “The bones of children still did not break, but try. They are constantly running around the house, jump, rearrange things. When will have to become easier?” – William laughed.

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