Kate Middleton complained of postpartum depression

Кейт Миддлтон пожаловалась на послеродовую депрессию The wife of Prince William has shared his personal experiences on overcoming the difficulties encountered in the first years after the birth of her children. The recognition of Kate Middleton, she experienced self-doubt and was in a stressful situation.

      35-year-old Duchess of Cambridge is a happy mother of two adorable children and a loving wife. Despite rumors of quarrels, Kate Middleton and Prince William continue to demonstrate harmony in relationships.

      Recently the wife of the heir to the British throne gave a heartfelt speech relating to the topic of postpartum depression. In a Frank address to the guests of the presentation of a series of documentaries Out of the Blue Middleton shared his personal experiences. The woman told him about how I felt after the emergence of their babies born. In recognition of the Duchess of Cambridge, she was extremely difficult.

      “For me personally, being a mother is a stunning experience. However, sometimes it becomes a real challenge, despite the fact that I have an assistant, which many mothers are deprived. Nothing can actually prepare an incredible sense of responsibility that arises with the appearance of the baby. Motherhood is a series related to each other emotions: joy, anxiety, love. Your whole personality changes in an instant. Instead of thinking only about yourself, you suddenly become first and foremost a mother,” shared the woman.

      In addition, Kate Middleton said that in parenting there are no universal recommendations. The wife of Prince William also shared details of his emotional state after delivery. According to the woman, she had doubts about his own abilities. Middleton didn’t know if she’ll be able to take care of the kids.

      “When it comes to motherhood, the only right decision — to try to take better care of your family. For many mothers, including me, it’s sometimes can lead to insecurity in themselves and their abilities. Unfortunately, in some cases, this stress is compounded by the incredible strain on the psyche that occurs after the birth of children”, — said the Duchess of Cambridge.

      Recall also that recently in the Network has discussed the disagreement in the relationship of Kate Middleton and Prince Harry. An anonymous source claimed that a woman is upset with a spouse, katusega Swiss resort away from the family. Apparently, over time, the couple managed to overcome disagreements. Kate Middleton shocked by the behavior of a spouse