Кейт Миддлтон купила подарок сыну в секонд-хэнде

The Duchess continues to rebel against the British conservative regime.

Kate Middleton has always been known for its frugality. It is well known that unlike many members of the Royal family she doesn’t spend on clothes. And in normal life prefers things from the mass market. And now, as it turns out, is not ashamed to shop in second-hand And used items purchases not only for himself but for his infant son.

Interesting details from the life of the Duchess of Cambridge became known a few days ago. Kate attended the opening of the charity shop at the children’s hospice East Anglia. Tried to cheer at the event each child and find words of support. And after you acquired a book of stories about fireman Sam – likes the character of his son.

“George will love it,” smiled Kate. And the store staff meanwhile were happy with the appearance of new famous women customers.

And you must agree, is a good thing. No wonder that after the appearance of Middleton to the store immediately descend and other celebrities. However, there were also those who criticized Royal for excessive levity. They say, charity is a good thing, but buying used stuff Prince somehow not comme Il faut.

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And you outfit in a thrift store?

  • I wouldn’t do that. Not ready to wear old clothes
  • A couple of times looked, but did not choose
  • Of course! Sometimes there can dig so many interesting things!
  • To buy something for charity is a good thing
  • Other (write in comments)

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