Kate Middleton arrived to the Hague without underwear

Кейт Миддлтон приехала в Гаагу без белья The Duchess of Cambridge went on a journey alone. The visit of the wife of Prince William in the Netherlands became the first independent trip women of the Royal family. She visited Rotterdam and the Hague.

      Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton on the eve flew to the Netherlands with a one-day visit, which was the first independent foreign trip of the wife of Prince Wilma. Previously, she used to go abroad only with their husband. Katherine attended an exhibition of Johannes Vermeer, which took place in the Hague. In the old Dutch city presented the work Velikogo artist that was previously stored in the walls of the British Museum in London.

      To release, Middleton chose a blue ensemble jacket with peplum and belt, as well as a narrow wbcci pencil. Photographers just loved the way the Duchess that the next day in the Network appeared the hundreds of images representative of the British Royal family. However, Internet users watched made the nomination and said that Catherine no underwear, as through her jacket, appear the outlines of the chest.

      Detractors have criticized the appearance of the Duchess of Cambridge, and fans of the British Royal family, it would seem, has not noticed this fashionable miss Catherine, as discussed brands of clothes and accessories that chose the woman.

      During the visit to Holland, Catherine also took part in discussions about addictions and mental problems of children and adolescents, which was held at the residence of the British Ambassador and the Hague. In Rotterdam, the wife of the future king of great Britain spoke to the children, who engaged in a workshop Bouwkeet, learn to whittle and develop design skills.

      Apparently, knowing how Kate’s love around the world, the UK authorities have resorted to so-called “soft diplomacy” on the eve of the withdrawal from the European Union.

      By the way, this is not the first time the style of Katherine discussed by the users of the Network. Some believe that the Duchess chooses such outfits in the style of 60-ies to please Elizabeth II. However, Middleton can appear in public in jeans and a shirt, if it considers that this type is acceptable for the event.