Кейт Миддлтон и еще шесть современных «Золушек», ставших принцессами
7days.EN is a compilation of the main favorites of fortune.

For centuries marriages of Royal persons was considered a matter of
foregone conclusion: any king or heir to the throne was obliged to marry a person of the blue blood, in any case, not divorced, by the
well, from a family with a crystal clean reputation.

The seemingly immutable law dare in 1936 to break the only British king Edward VIII.
He wished to marry the “easy death”, besides, another and divorced twice
the American Wallis Simpson. However, it cost him the crown. After making your selection in
favor of love, Edward was forced to abdicate in favor of his younger brother,
the father of the current reigning Queen.

Since much has changed: almost the most part
modern princes allow themselves to choose a life partner do not
aristocratic, and biographies of women are sometimes not perfect…

The Duchess Of Cambridge

Кейт Миддлтон и еще шесть современных «Золушек», ставших принцессами

Duchess Of Cambridge Catherine

Photo: Splash News/East news

Although we live in the XXI century, native of Prince William,
the heir to the British crown, the old fashioned way was hoping he would choose their wives at least individuals
the count’s blood — which was his late mother, Princess Diana. However, the Prince decided to marry for love. And at first, his choice shocked his grandmother, and

Because William called his bride Kate Middleton — daughter
former flight attendant and air traffic controller! Moreover, how quickly dug up by reporters
Kate was the granddaughter of a simple miner. Of course, mother Kate in my life
managed to make a brilliant career, turned from flight attendants to millionaire. However, lady Prince
found unwanted relatives. Her second cousin Katrina
Darling, for instance, was a stripper who was photographed Nude for “Playboy”.
But uncle Harry goldsmith, brother of Kate’s mother was a regular member of
secular scandals associated with orgies, drug…

And what? Queen Elizabeth, when she was told about
all these incriminating circumstances, and is not thought to forbid grandson
to marry Kate. But by law had the right to do: namely, the Queen gives the official permission for the marriage of the heir to the throne. However, Elizabeth
has urged William to think carefully before making an offer. In the end, the Prince pondered for 11 years,
before asking Kate to be his wife. Loyal friend waited, and became the wife of William, gave him a son and a daughter.

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  • Кейт Миддлтон и еще шесть современных «Золушек», ставших принцессами
    Kate Middleton

  • Кейт Миддлтон и еще шесть современных «Золушек», ставших принцессами
    Charlene Wittstock

  • Кейт Миддлтон и еще шесть современных «Золушек», ставших принцессами
    Letizia, Queen of Spain


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