Кейт Миддлтон 38 лет: самые необычные факты о герцогине

Кейт Миддлтон 38 лет: самые необычные факты о герцогине

Kate Middleton is one of the most stylish British women, and at the request of Prince William, is a wonderful mother and wife. Today we will tell you the most interesting facts from Kate’s life, which prove that she was born for life in the Royal family.

Kate Middleton was born in the most ordinary British family. Her parents have been associated with the aviation industry: my mother worked as a flight attendant and father is a Manager. Very soon, parents of the future Duchess decided to open your personal business and engaged in mail order trade. This joint activity has made them millionaires. The profession of the parents Kate cannot be called aristocratic, but not all ancestors were ordinary people. For example, the Duchess is a relative of the first US President George Washington.

In her youth, Kate wanted to be an actress, so I’d love to attend drama club at school. Interestingly, the most important role in a girl’s life is beautiful, whose hands sought the Prince.

The Duchess all his life, fond of sports. Her favorite activities were tennis, hockey, rock climbing, volleyball. In all sports, she received excellent marks. For example, in high school she set a record for the high jump, becoming the best in the sport. In College, even was team captain in hockey.

Immediately after high school, Catherine did not go to University. She decided to make a productive vacation throughout the year. During this time the Duchess visited Italy and Chile. Took courses and participated in the volunteer program. In this same time period she made a short cruise in the Solent with his family.

With Prince William and Middleton met at the University where they both studied. The girl then took part in a fashion show and appeared on the podium in a totally transparent dress. This event struck on the spot the Prince, who was sitting in the front row and could not look away from Kate.

After graduation, the future Duchess began work in the purchasing Department of a famous clothing brand. At that time she thought about personal business: creating clothing for children. However, it has remained only in dreams girls. In parallel with the Duchess loved to photograph nature, people and everything beautiful that surrounds her. She helped fill the site with your parents ‘ photos, but most of the public remember the footage of Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

On the status of the Duchess is supposed to have a personal chef and other professionals. However, Middleton likes to do everything myself. She recently finished culinary courses, so preparing a meal for their family on their own. By the way, Kate has a diploma in professional makeup artist, so makeup for my wedding, she also did yourself.

Very often you can see Kate walking the streets of London on a two-Wheeler, she just loves this kind of transport. The Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain supports Middleton in this issue, also getting to work on this transport. The wedding of Prince William and Kate, he even gave a symbolic double bike.

The Duchess has an unusual hobby — she loves different hats. Its collection includes more than 40 pieces of unique products. In 2012, thanks to this unusual hobby has been named “Person of the year”, and photos in hats Kate joined the hall of fame.

In the Royal family taken about all the changes and decisions right to tell the public. However, Kate made an exception. Her first months of pregnancy are always hiding because she feels bad about herself and doesn’t want unnecessary attention to his person.

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