Kate Juju congrats on the new position on the “House-2”

Катю Жужу поздравляют с новой должностью на «Доме-2» The young woman will be the co-host Ksenia Borodina. Kate shared the good news with their followers. Now she will appear in the Saturday edition of the television project. Fans are happy for spectacular brunette.

      Kate Susan got a new position on the project “Dom-2”. Earlier, a young woman led the news the reality show, and now will appear in the Saturday broadcasts of programs together with Ksenia Borodina. Outside of work stars often meet with families and communicate, so they will be easy to work together on the court. Susan decided to personally announce the good news to his followers.

      “Well, my dear subscribers! I want to please you, and maybe someone will be upset. I was leading TV project “Dom-2″. Now we Ksenya work in pairs on the Saturday talk show. Watch our first broadcast next Saturday! I went to note,” wrote Kate on the page in a social network.

      Fans actively congratulate a woman with a purpose. “You’re perfect!”, “I’m happy for you”, “Good tandem”, “Katyusha, you’re so sweet”, “congratulations”, “Great! It’s time!” – wrote followers.

      Many years ago Susan was a member of the reality show. In the framework of the project, she met Oleg Miami, but their affair ended beyond telestroke.

      By the way, this is not the first permutation on the “House-2”. Recently, a team of leading reality show was joined by Olga Orlova. Many fans of the actress were surprised that she agreed to go on the transmission. Olga said “StarHit” that colleagues support it and clarify some points.

      “Understand all I help Xenia and Olga. The project looked to this glimpse, still do not know all quite well. I hope I will be useful to this show. I’m not afraid of condemnation. I believe that everyone in the world will not please. People always criticized shows. “Dom-2″ is no exception! Someone scolds, someone supports. But, as the figures show, the project remains today one of the most popular in our country,” explained Orlov.