Кейт Хадсон снова станет мамой
The actress is planning a big family.

Kate Hudson


38-year-old Kate Hudson recently surprised his fans. She said that
intends to become a mother. Moreover, the actress who found
with musician Danny Fujikawa, hinted that, most likely, will make the light
more than one child!

“I definitely want more children! Exactly how much — view. It depends on
as you wish Danny,” — said Hudson. At the same time, Kate said she
I would love to have her next baby was a girl. “I have a dream about her daughter,
it would be so fun!” — admitted the actress, who is currently
and has two sons. Father senior Rider who is now 14 years old,
was her ex-husband, musician Chris Robinson.
And the younger of the Bingham — actress
had a baby with her former boyfriend — the soloist of group “Muse” Matt Bellamy, with whom she
were officially engaged.

“Actually, it’s very funny that I became a mother for the first time since early
I was only 24 years old. After all, many of my friends, my peers at this time only the planned first child. I have spent my entire adult life was a mother, so “live
just for myself” I have failed. However, I do not regret that all
it so happened…” — says the actress.

Since both my children star gave birth to musicians, and her sons, according to Kate, most likely, too will choose a profession related to
show-business. Senior rider already apparent comedic ability, and Bingham,
according to Hudson, amazing music.