Kate Hudson has hinted that can give birth to a fourth child

Кейт Хадсон намекнула, что может родить еще и четвертого ребенка
The actress has a reason not to stop.

Кейт Хадсон намекнула, что может родить еще и четвертого ребенка

Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa


Kate Hudson, who soon will become a mother for the third time, impressed the fans, confessing that he now thinks about how to give birth to the fourth baby. Interestingly, before the actress found out through ultrasound that this time waiting for the girl, she’s not
was planning to have another baby. The fact that the 39-year-old star, who has two sons, for some reason I was sure that she will be born only boys. Kate believed that the three boys would be sufficient. But when it became clear that Hudson this time waiting for the girl, her opinion changed.

“Surprise! Soon we’re going to have a little
girl!” — happily announced to his fans the actress and added: “We had
that is women, yet we’re still in our family are in the minority. And I’m so
I want to add to our house some more female energy…” when you consider that earlier Kate expecting a baby from her boyfriend Danny Fujikawa said that, ideally, would really like a big family, it is quite
perhaps she really dare to take a fourth child.

“This time I have everything else: bad,
and in a good way. On the one hand, I’ve never been sick for so long and so
much. Well, say if you had a girl, it happens…” — said Hudson. On the other hand, according to star, the baby in the belly “pushed” her to the sport. “I very much
walk and even started to attend yoga courses for pregnant women, which I never
did in the previous two pregnancies!” — proudly said Kate.

Also the star told how preparing their children for birth sister. “The main thing I’m trying to teach my
sons is
be kind to the sister, as indeed to all others…” — says celebrity. We will remind older siblings of the unborn baby is a rider who
now 14 years old (his father was the former husband of Hudson
musician Chris Robinson) and 6-year-old Bingham (the actress gave birth to
her former boyfriend, singer of “Muse” — Matthew Bellamy, with whom
she was officially engaged).

Kate Hudson with her sons