Кейт Хадсон появилась на благотворительном мероприятии Майкла Корса

A month ago, Kate Hudson gave birth to a beautiful girl Rani from her boyfriend Danny Fujikawa, but to sit at home are unable. Yesterday took place a charity event Fund designer Michael Kors Watch Hunger Stop on the campus of the University of California, where the actress first appeared after the birth of the baby.

Кейт Хадсон появилась на благотворительном мероприятии Майкла Корса

This event, Hudson could not miss, even if she needed to watch her newborn daughter. The actress for the third year is the face of the charity Fund, founded by designer Michael Kors. Fund helps feed starving children by selling special watches, t-shirts and glasses brand Michael Kors. Proceeds go to provide food in schools.

Yesterday was a special day for the actress, because she became the Ambassador of the world food programme of the United Nations. As a mother, Kate understands how important nutrition is for children. “As a mother I understand the importance of proper nutrition in child development. The world food programme not only helps to feed people — it strengthens families and communities,” said Hudson.

In addition to the appointment for an important position with the guests, including himself Michael Kors congratulated the star with the birth of your little Rani. “Yes, my life has changed a bit lately. Now it mainly consists of feeding, spitting up and changing diapers. But really helps me Danny. He is a good father. Not only for the baby but for my older sons, Ryder and Bing,” said Kate.

Recall, how there took place preparation for the birth of the baby in the family, Hudson and Fujikawa. Instagram Hudson for a day turned into account for future moms that the star was filled with photos from training a child’s room. My beloved chose the Wallpaper and asked opinions from subscribers. Wallpaper chose pink. Cradle has collected himself Fujikawa, because it is a male. Also a couple bought a baby carrier that Danny has already tried on.

“We tried to keep this pregnancy a secret as long as possible… But, frankly speaking, it is more difficult and exhausting than just to confess. My children, Danny, I and the whole family loved it! A little girl is on the way!” – shared in the caption to the video Hudson.

Also, the actress explained why it took so long to appear in social networks and did not please subscribers news of his life. Beginning of pregnancy was not an easy period. “If you’re wondering why I’ve been absent in social networks, it’s because I felt very bad! It was the hardest first trimester of all my pregnancies! From boomerangs and superzoom I was sick. But now all is well, I re-discovered the joy of Instagram.”

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