Катя Гордон выступила против бывшего мужа и его новой жены
The actress started a public “showdown” with Sergey Garinim.

Катя Гордон выступила против бывшего мужа и его новой жены

Katya Gordon

Photo: @Instagram katyagordon Katie Gordon

Sergei Zhorin

Photo: @Instagram advokatzhorin Sergei Gorina

The relationship Katya Gordon with her ex-husband moved on to a new round of scandals and recriminations. In March this year, the actress said that she’s forgiven lawyer Sergei Gorino past wrongs and even fell in love with the father of her child. But time is fleeting and today, forgetting former promises, Kate once again lashed out at ex-wife.

It happened after Zhorin hinted that Gordon may be a party to the conspiracy against him. “Maybe, traditionally, the ex-wife would get out of mothballs… to remind you how I am a monster. May God give her health!” — wrote Sergey.

Reply Katie was not long in coming and was much more extensively. Gordon remembered Gorino unpaid child support, “walked” on his professional qualities. Also, forgot to mention about the current wife’s ex — husband, athlete Natalia Rogozin. “In my life was only 1 dishonest person. I tried to change the situation and hoped for the best, — the story of Katya. — Once th*kopiere lawyer Gopin suggests that some giant enemies ganged up against his good name and use me. It is a lie of Mr. J. And about honesty, corruption and decency just one fact: the court child support lawyer Zhorin has brought a certificate with a salary of 47 thousand rubles, three children from different women grow up without his father’s attention at all, my daughter put a dash, threats, and hints. Don’t touch me, Zhorin. You’re a bad lawyer and person. And now all your hope is when your wife, friend feesbeshnik and a pair of showbiz stars, which you’re free to render services. Another bad hint in my address as person and human rights activist — and naphthalene’ll send you me. And about your victory will say a couple of names that you promoted loudly and quietly lost: Davydychev and Moushin. Ciao!”

Recall that Gordon has a son, Sergei Daniel. And in February this year, she gave birth to her second child — Seraphim, whose father was the future Kate’s husband, businessman Igor.