Kate Gordon spoke about the upcoming wedding

Катя Гордон рассказала о предстоящей свадьбе The woman shared details of his personal life. Kate Gordon admitted that is happy with her new lover and hopes for a speedy marriage. The celebrity also said that no longer afraid to be alone.

Businesswoman Kate Gordon happily in a relationship with a new lover. Recently, the couple had an heir, who was given the name Seraphim. Recall that this is the second child of famous blondes. Now the woman admits that have not been so happy: she raises the children, does what he likes and enjoys the fellowship with the elect. However, fans of the star does not cease to agitate the question of when the couple legalizes their marriage.

So, on the eve celebrity decided to lift the veil of secrecy and told about the future wedding. The woman is sure that this celebration is not the most important moment in the relationship between a man and a woman. After three failed marriages Katya tries to treat the stamp in the passport very carefully.

“Relationships are complicated, sometimes difficult, and very well — as in any Union of two diverse and freedom-loving people. If all goes well, we will be married — will not hold and will post pictures from our wedding. The only thing I can say for sure: I am no longer afraid to be alone,” – said Gordon.

Also the businesswoman added that her wonderful lover. According to celebrity, it was he who released her from her pain and guilt. In addition, she found the strength to forgive an ex-wife of Sergey Gorina, wrote in his microblog. This happened immediately after the birth of the second child Katie. Then she had a mystical dream, after which she wrote about what we need to be wiser and to learn to let go of resentments. The star is sure: after a while they ex-lover will be able to laugh at past scandals and quarrels. Kate Gordon is desperately trying to reconcile with the father of the child

According to Gordon, she was unable to contact the former choice, personally. However, the woman continues to believe the father of the first child an important part of his life and calls their son Danya embodiment of her love for the ex-spouse.

“Sergei, I was offended because I appealed to him personally, and posted it for all to see in his Instagram. But I can’t personally contact with him: he blocked me everywhere. Zhorin said that I let him communicate with his son. But that’s not true. Dani got his number, boy calls him regularly. For example, I wanted to congratulate with the New year, a time dial. And then comes to me and says in surprise: “why dad is my call drops?” I say, “Well, maybe busy, please call back now.” But dad didn’t call me back,” Kate told the magazine Tele.ru.