Kate Gordon spoke about the father of the second child

Катя Гордон заговорила об отце второго ребенка The singer explained, what man is beside her. Kate Gordon is preparing once again to become a mother. Contestant on “the Voice” told how she lived with a new partner. The woman admitted that taking his time and not going to marry.

      Singer and songwriter Kate Gordon is preparing to become a mother for the second time. However, pregnancy does not stop a woman to continue the fight for victory in the new season of the show “the Voice.” According to the artist, no concessions with regard to its interesting position the jury she did not. Kate Gordon: “Pregnancy is not a disease”

      Katya tries to tell a little about the father of the second child because he didn’t want to be around them couples, there were rumors. Gordon explained that building relationships with men, never paid attention to their prosperity.

      “I didn’t fall in love with the rich, rationally choose not know how. My current man is not an oligarch, he’s not a public person, but a promising and very good. Well, I, as already said, you still rely on yourself,” the singer admitted.

      The artist believes that very often women choose men with similar interests. Kate admits that her ex-husbands was “mediocre.” Previous failed relationships have taught star. Now she is not afraid of loneliness. Kate explained that she has a son Daniel, therefore, in any case it will not remain without support. “One, I find it easier and more comfortable. I physically can not constantly be with a man. I can no longer anyone to dissolve, as before, because now I want to devote my life to myself and learn healthy selfishness. With my current loved one we build life, study, and time will tell” – wisely said Gordon.

      Contestant on “the Voice” is in no hurry to marry a new mate. She believes that they must first become parents, and then see how relations develop. According to the artist, it has become much safer to apply to many situations. However, she does not believe that is to associate life with the man with whom interesting to be together.

      “I want to be with my man we have been with the pregnancy, see what and how it will develop further. If you’re lucky, maybe we’re going to have the classic scenario. But if suddenly does not work out, worry and deprive yourself of enjoyment of life, I will not,” said Kate in an interview Woman.ru.