Катя Гордон высказалась об уходе из «Голоса» Singer and songwriter shared his thoughts on this subject. According to Kathy Gordon, she had always understood that in the competition will be difficult for her so calmly accepts the elimination of the popular project. Pregnant celebrity will continue to write songs for famous artists and perform their own works.

      Last week in the next edition of the show “the Voice” was a performance of Katya Gordon. The celebrity had to demonstrate their abilities in a fight with 45-year-old Leroy Gehner. Gordon with trepidation performed the song on the verses by Anna Akhmatova “ill be as follows”, but in the end the choice of Dima Bilan, mentor a young woman was not in her favor.

      36-year-old singer and composer live project was given to understand that we thank all those who gave her the opportunity albeit for a short time, but still Shine on the First channel in the biggest musical contest of the country. Kate Gordon warmly said goodbye to a mentor and with his rival, and had subsequently spoken on this subject and on your page in the social network. In his microblog pregnant celebrity appealed to all who truly suffered for it, anyone truly upset with the news that she’s leaving the show.

      “Friends, thank you all for the kind words! I’m not a competitive person, and perhaps the worst singer in the karaoke… Can their or that feeling creeps up… so I went to the contest with his song and went with their favorite poems Akhmatova,” shared Kate.

      Apparently, participation in the vocal competition was for the singer of an interesting adventure. As previously stated she Gordon, the casting in the show, it was quite by accident – the day she was in the telecentre “Ostankino”, where at the time and conducted the selection of participants for the “blind auditions”. Deciding that this is a great chance to Express yourself, Kate addressed the jury with his song. By the way, later, before the coaches of “the Voice”, Gordon also played a composition of his own – “Take Paradise”.

      It is noteworthy that the qualifying test was held a celebrity being pregnant. In the coming months, Kate will become a mother for the second time. About the father of her baby to say publicly she is not seeking, wanting to protect from prying eyes what she expensive. Gordon merely notes that her choice is a private person. Kate Gordon spoke about the father of the second child

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