Катя Гордон судится с Иосифом Кобзоном The lawyer said that the singer did the wrong thing, allowing yourself plenty of harsh and abusive language. Earlier, Iosif Kobzon asked how much a night with Kate Gordon. In response, the lawyer decided to prepare a lawsuit against the famous actor.
Катя Гордон судится с Иосифом Кобзоном

Counsel Kate Gordon, who decided to run for the presidency, intends to sue with Joseph Kobzon. The reason for the conflict that erupted between the lawyer and the people’s artist of the USSR, it was quite a dramatic statement to the women.

Kobzon was indignant that Gordon questioned the integrity of members. As stated by Kate, to become the people’s elect can pay the amount from 2 to 7 million dollars. Joseph Davidovich, who himself is in the state Duma of the Russian Federation, was dissatisfied with the similar assumptions.

“How much is Catherine Gordon, to spend the night with her?” – said the singer.
Катя Гордон судится с Иосифом Кобзоном

Gordon found the quote Kobzon extremely humiliating and offered to meet in court. According to Katie, such statements humiliate her human dignity. Gordon reacted to the artist statement as a personal insult. She stressed that respectfully refers to Joseph Davydovich, but in this case it is hard to hear from him following the critical phrase. In addition, the lawyer noted that he sees shortcomings in the work of the state Duma of the Russian Federation, therefore, has proposed to make adjustments to it.

“My dear man, Joseph Kobzon, allowed yourself plenty of insulting remarks addressed to me. (…) Joseph Davidovich, with all due respect, I could answer Sonia poignant phrases. But I think we should be an example to meet in court to discuss the rules and show where the end of the right to constructive opinion and starts insulting. Therefore, the claim about protection of honor and dignity to your address,” he told Gordon in his video.

The lawyer said that since it announced its intention to participate in elections, she must take part in unwanted discussions.

Катя Гордон судится с Иосифом Кобзоном“I was constantly trying to push someone’s heads together to get to discuss those people who did not make policy statements, offend and if you notice, every time I have something to criticize, I’m doing a proposal for reform”, – said Katya.

Journalists contacted Joseph Kobzon to comment on the situation. The artist was troubled by the behavior of Katie Gordon and stated that he does not refuse his words.

“Yes, I wanted to spit on her and on everyone else! I in any court say: “Where Gordon took the data that we, the members, are corrupt?” Let them answer in court. The fact that she is sue – she is still doing nothing! It’s the same thing that I’ll ask her how much she paid per night? It’s the same dirt, it pours” – protested Kobzon live on NSN.