Kate Gordon is preparing a ban for unfair fathers

Катя Гордон готовит запреты для недобросовестных отцов Human rights activist wants to punish men who refuse child support. Kate Gordon does not exclude that he will run for President next year. She has tightened the family code.

In late October, a journalist and lawyer Katya Gordon announced his intention to stand in presidents of Russia. It is widely known to the public through participation in various talk shows, where he gives his assessment and his opinion on various topics. Kate Gordon is going to participate in presidential elections

Today, 21 November, a celebrity made an official appeal to the press. She said that for several years protects women, who after divorce are left alone to raise children. Katia proposes to tighten the law to toughen sentences for fathers who refuse to take part in the life of the heirs and to pay child support.

“In relation to woman and child can be judged on the state. All this talk about increasing the birth rate, the state of law ends at exactly the moment when a woman comes to court and asks within the law to help her with further children. Therefore, there are a number of measures. I believe that a man who does not participate in the upbringing of the child, I do not discriminate by gender, often just in the Russian Federation the child remains with the woman. If a woman is unfair elementprecision, then it is subject to the same sanctions. I believe that a man who does not take part in the education of their children, should at least get a ban on travel, ban on driving a car. Let him walk on earth as his children beggars,” said Gordon.

Gordon shared a personal story, which forced her to practice law. Kate said that faced with the problem of alimony in your own life. Now she is a single mother of two sons. According to her, ex-husband tried to understate their income to save on payments to the child. The human rights activist considers such an act is humiliating for any man.

Gordon also said that now gets the third degree in legal. She wants to fully understand all of the intricacies of the law, to help women who find themselves in a difficult situation. Katya said during a press conference, “NSN”, which feels like a professional in the field of family law.