Kate Gordon is getting married for the third time

Катя Гордон выходит замуж в третий раз

Pregnant singer and TV presenter Kate Gordon has a complicated personal history. However, even the two unhappy marriage are unable to destroy the faith of a celebrity in the institution of the family. That Katia was going to marry for the third time, she told reporters in an interview.

With her lover (he is the father of the child Gordon) Katya found about. This presenter is trying to hide it from journalists and prying eyes, because happiness, as we know, love peace.
“If before I got married quickly, but now do not want to repeat the same mistake. And no matter how developed our life on, you know one thing about children I do not regret going, even if we break up” — said Katya and added that this time I would like to marry my lover.
Recall that the first husband Katie was Alexander Gordon. The couple married in 2000, but the marriage lasted only six years. Second husband of the woman became pravozashhitnik Sergei Zhorin, but in this case, the bill went on for months. After parting Katia and Sergei made another attempt to improve relations, but it also failed, despite the birth of son Daniel. By the way, this time, Kate also goes with the boy, so soon she will have two sons.