Катя Гордон возмущена домыслами о разрыве с отцом ребенка The star gave the answer anyone who is too interested in her personal life. Kate Gordon, a week ago gave birth to a son, asked followers not to gossip on the subject of her beloved. “Nobody quit,” said a businesswoman.

      Singer, songwriter and businesswoman Kate Gordon February 19, became a mother for the second time. The star gave birth to a son. In recognition of Gordon, the process was very difficult. At the time of birth revealed a pathology in which she lost a lot of blood and three days spent in intensive care. Kate Gordon almost died during childbirth

      Together with congratulations on the occasion of the birth of the heir to many followers Katie Gordon threw its review to the account of the father of her second child and a difficult birth. Especially dosugovyy citizens seemed strange that the young woman she took herself to the hospital, and next to it in the car, was not a man, and a friend. Many give Kate tips on how to deal with doctors who conducted her pregnancy and through the increment of the placenta to the uterus. It is only thanks to professionalism of the doctors who took birth, they turned into tragedies for the kid and his mom.

      Gordon decided once and forever put an end to gossip, both vital to its subscribers of the topic and published a post, making it clear that he does not need anyone’s recommendations.

      “God, how much more nonsense to write. If to have legal proceedings with all, not enough time. I repeat: my dad and baby are happy that our son was born. No one is throwing, the only thing that happened – three days of intensive care and fighting for my life. Everything else – the desire to pozloslovit and pay my joy in the shit. Well, that’s life – it’s harder to do,” wrote Kate Gordon’s at the gorgeous bouquet of tulips, which probably gave her beloved man.

      It should be noted that even while waiting for a second baby Gordon in numerous interviews said that does not rule out the opportunity to marry again. And stressed that to answer the questions of why she is pregnant, but not married, will not, considering that these concepts are from different planes. “The birth of a child is irrelevant to marriage, voiced his position Kate Gordon. – If we can hold together long enough and realize that we need it, we’ll get married. But only due to the fact that I’m pregnant, to the Registrar, I will not run”. Pregnant Kate Gordon is going to marry in third time

      Now a young mother extremely happy and have already shared with subscribers first microblog joint photo with newborn son.