Kate Gordon is desperately trying to reconcile with the father of the child

Катя Гордон отчаянно пытается помириться с отцом ребенка The singer turned to her ex-husband. At the moment Kate Gordon is preparing for discharge from hospital. According to the woman, a few days of stay in the perinatal center have greatly changed her perception of life and attitude towards other people.

      Slightly more than a week ago Katia Gordon again became a mother. So far, the doctors are not ready to let the woman home. As told by the singer, she was a very hard time during birth, she lost a lot of blood. However, now the actress feels much better and is already preparing to leave the hospital with his son Leon. Kate Gordon almost died during childbirth

      As Katya told its subscribers in the social network, during his stay in the nursing home she rethought many things in life. In particular, Gordon admitted that she is uncomfortable in front of the father of her first son, lawyer Sergei Garinim, because they never got to build the perfect relationship after a divorce.

      “These 10 days I have changed wildly impossible… Begin to appreciate life once I almost moved the horses… But it is scary that I will miss something important to say, to ask forgiveness. All my dreams come true. There was one scar on the heart that won’t go away… We are in a protracted fight, and the father of my first child, Dani, Sergei Zhorin, he does not communicate. Serge, I’m largely to blame, not enough wisdom, patience, forgiveness and understanding… Forgive me as I forgive you for everything! I’m sure the time will come and we’ll be friends and laugh as they blow up the world with her scandals. I don’t want war and backbiting. I solemnly promise that if you do the car is stupid and blurt out something, to remain silent and not to act against you either in the press or in the courts. You’re part of my life forever and my love for you is forever in our wonderful Dana! You’re different like me: the good, the bad… But I’m incredibly sorry that we both didn’t have the strength and magnanimity. I believe that we can handle it now. Here is my hand, and doors are always open” – a record left in the microblog Gordon, uploading a picture, on which her fingers show the sign of “peace.”

      Fans of Katie praised her for such a wise decision, as every child needs love of both parents. By the way, while the ex-husband of the singer Sergei Zhorin did not respond to her appeal. A few months ago Danya’s parents met on the occasion of his birthday. As told the lawyer “StarHit”, in my meetings with Kate, they are able to communicate adequately.

      “Kate has changed towards me – he was loyal, calm. We have a very good relationship now as parents. Of course, I really want to participate in the education of Tribute. He’s a clever guy, very attracted to me,” said Zhorin.