Kate Gordon has vowed not to talk about ex-husbands

Катя Гордон зареклась говорить о бывших мужьях Celebrity no longer wants to think about ex-husbands. Katya Gordon was not going to apologize and threatened everyone to stop questioning her about the broken marriage.

      Катя Гордон зареклась говорить о бывших мужьях

      Radio presenter Kate Gordon is now successfully cope with a huge number of cases – has been in business, writes songs, gets the third degree, has a son Daniel. But the celebrity wonders why the public is interested in not her active social life, and the details of relationships with ex-husbands.

      Becoming the main character of my project “Mirror for the hero”, which recently leads Oksana Pushkina, Katya did not expect that they will begin to discuss her personal life. Celebrity extremely indignant that she was not warned, what exactly are we talking.

      “God knows, I went to Oksana Pushkina on her project on NTV “Mirror for the hero” speak an entirely different theme. Past tired of my grieving and have nothing but gratitude for the incredible impulse of despair, turned into work, and I am not experiencing. I don’t want it to change, your forgiveness I weaned because I was doing that by repentance; yea, and all who wanted had taken with him in the future (except for the deaths of several loved ones). The past, as a neighbour, I know him, I don’t hide, but don’t go for salt and face not often”, – described his attitude to the past businesswoman.

      However, thanks to the transfer, Katya was able to deal with what was happening in her life for quite some time and to put an end to the Affairs of bygone days. Now, when Gordon was recalled the most difficult moments of life, she threatened all that nobody else was stirring her past. “The main thing, for which I am grateful to Oksana for her words: “Katya, come on, rip up, analyze, and forever put a stop to this. We have done it. However, the feeling is mixed. I can say one thing – now the point! Do not try me, friends, journalists and enemies, to remember about any of my exes. Respect my present,” said the celebrity.

      Despite the fact that kata unpleasant conversations about her past, she maintains a fairly friendly relationship with some of the ex-husbands. For example, recently it became known that Gordon and her ex-husband Mitya Fomin submit to the court a new joint arrangement. With a musician, radio host married three years ago, and absolutely unexpectedly for all. A year ago business woman believed her first husband, Alexander Gordon, close friend and even offered him to be godfather to their child.

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