Kate Gordon has unveiled the father’s second child

Катя Гордон рассекретила отца второго ребенка
The actress showed of her lover.

Katya Gordon with a new lover


Kate Gordon, to keep secret the identity of his new chosen one has finally stopped “encrypt”. In the microblog actress appeared in her first selfie with her lover. Kate usually leave long comments under the photo, which shares with the fans thoughts about life. But this time the signature was absent.

It is curious that, having been three times married, Katya, this time not rushing to the altar. Fans of Gordon ask a lot of questions about when the new parents will tie the knot. But so far the artist is a slightly different plans for the near future.

She is now, by his own admission, has focused on how to quickly return to the pre-form. Two months ago, Kate has become a mother for the second time. She was born the second son, whose name was linked a funny story. Initially Gordon gave the kid’s name was Leon. But the boy’s father learned about the decision of Kati, resisted and insisted that his son had a different name. As a result, when the baptism of Leon was renamed Seraphim.

Katie has another son, Daniel. He was born in the marriage with Sergei Garinim who’s currently Dating boxer Natalia Rogozina.