Kate Gordon has compared the ex-husbands

Катя Гордон сравнила бывших мужей The singer told, how was her relationship with ex-lovers. Kate Gordon shared with subscribers in Instagram thoughts on the topic of trust. She advised fans to find the “right” men.

      Kate Gordon often discusses with followers the latest news personal life. Women are actively gives advice to the readers of his microblog, as well as posting stories based on real events in their own lives. This time the famous blonde decided to compare the former spouse with a new lover. It turned out that the second half of the poetess is very different from all previous ones. According to Katie, the man responds perfectly to all enemies and demonstrates complete confidence. Kate Gordon is preparing for the wedding

      “As you know, I married the first time. The first marriage was successful from a human point of view and understanding, the second can not remember. And now I’m just with someone you do not compare, do not analyze – just a part of you,” said Gordon.

      I wonder what the star said about the curious friends who are actively interested in her personal life and trying to impose her companion her opinion. Apparently, the actress is the behavior of podeschi very annoying. She noted that often their assumptions are very different with reality.

      “They wanted to go into the soul, they climbed literally in bed. Their wildly crushed toad, they are choking on our smiles… One She really haunts me, and wrote a friendly message on the topic “I know her, she will leave you with nothing, as the former”. It is a given that anything in the nature of left and I worked all my life,” wrote in microblogging celebrity.

      But such comments of nedobrozhelateli helped Gordon gain a new perspective on communication between people. Now the woman understands that the key to any novel, to trust the chosen one and not to respond to provocations. Kate admitted that her new boyfriend is perfectly cope with this task. She also advised fans of his work to choose the right second halves.

      “But the interesting thing: it turned out, it’s not about them – these gossips and failed someone’s wives. As in the male. I recently realized that right they are nothing, dust, a funny dwarf from the forgotten tales… And here’s my advice: don’t try to fight those who wish you harm. Just find someone who will really care about gossip, he will surround you with love and care”.