Kate Gordon get completely undressed after a scandal.

Катя Гордон полностью разделась после скандала с Кобзоном
The actress published a frame from candid shooting.

Katya Gordon

Photo: @katyagordon Instagram

Not had time to subside scandal Katya Gordon and Joseph Kobzon, erupted last week as the actress gave a new provocation. Gordon has published in the Network candid photos where posing completely naked. “Thank You, that understand the difference between porn, random dirty photos in bars and art!” — thanked the photographers Gordon.

Against the background of such a brave act once again remembered the conflict Gordon and Kobzon. Last week Kate, who considered himself a “victim”, filed recently at Joseph davydovicha in court. It all started with the fact that Kobzon in his interview hinted at the fact that Gordon is engaged in the provision of paid intimate services.

“How much is Catherine Gordon, to spend the night with her?” asked recently in public question Kobzon. It happened after Kate said that elected officials fall into parliamentary seats through corruption. Simply put give bribes to obtain a senior position. It is worth noting that in his assertion Katya’s not talking about Joseph Davydovich, however, he accepted the charges on your account.

Opinions on the Network on who was wrong in this situation is divided. However, this is not so important, because now the issue will be resolved in court.