Kate Gordon explained why he kicked out the father of the second child

Катя Гордон объяснила, почему выгнала отца второго ребенка The star admitted that the lover had no doubt that they need an heir. Kate Gordon said that after learning of her pregnancy, the chosen one started to rush, and she rudely put him out the door. But now, according to a businesswoman, darling happy that he has a son.

The singer and businesswoman Kate Gordon in February became the second time mom. The star, who has never hidden from fans details his personal life, this time chose not to disclose the father of her young son Seraphim.

Only during the transmission of “a Secret in a million” at the request of Lera Kudryavtseva young mother allowed herself to voice the name of the dad of the baby and told us a bit about the relationship with him that will not call a simple.

The complexity of the couple began when Kate announced her lover Egor expecting his child. “When we met, we deliberately planned our lives and consciously done of the child, – said Catherine Gordon. But when he found out I was pregnant, we started throwing, there was speculation: maybe you shouldn’t. And I then went and slashed the shoulder and said get out!”

During pregnancy the expectant mother also learned that her beloved has a past relationship and children. “I realized that he always would rush between the two families – continued Kate. – What will happen next, only time will tell. I’m always in some kind of relationship imprinted, doors wide open, and that in the mind of a man, I do not fully know.”

However, the media personality gave to understand that her husband is a good father. He met her from the hospital, and Kate had no doubt that he was happiest when holding a newborn son.

Gordon gave to understand that along with the baby’s father they do not live, however, she spoke very carefully, not too going into details. She pays the nanny, at their own expense made repair in a new apartment, where he moved shortly before the birth of her second son. The star was told that the boy’s father helping to raise him, Whitney gives the money needs associated with the education of the Seraphim.

“But the illusion that this is my man, I have,’ said the star. As I need, he loves me not”.

However, most recently, Kate Gordon gave to understand that happy again in a relationship and apparently, the singer and businesswoman have a new choice. Not so long ago she published a photo with the man in which it informed subscribers learned businessman Igor Mecanica. In mid-April it became known that the star is planning to marry. Kate Gordon is preparing for the wedding

“I don’t know how the details got out, just for joy posted a photo of – said Katya Gordon. – I promise “StarHit” will be the first to know the details. With age I began to believe in the energy of envy, negativity, why hide such important things.”