Kate Gordon discovers the truth about Botox and facelifts

Катя Гордон раскрыла правду о ботоксе и подтяжках Celebrity decided on a Frank admission to dispel speculation that go on the Internet. Kate Gordon told about what beauty treatments she had to undergo, and also told about rumors that have nothing to do with reality.
Катя Гордон раскрыла правду о ботоксе и подтяжках

Counsel Kate Gordon – owner of a spectacular appearance. In this regard, the Network regularly appeared rumors that the beauty of a woman is the handiwork of the surgeons. Recently she decided to dot the “i” and tell the truth about the many medical interventions to which she, according to some Internet users, allegedly resorted.

In recognition of Gordon, she was tired of the questions about plastics. Star denies that she’s had a boob job. At the same time, the woman does not hide that he resorted to Botox injections because of premature wrinkles. After the birth she decided to go back to the clinic to freshen up.

“I say it is. Cheekbones my, my Tits, suspenders no, Botox only in the nose and it is because frown years with twenty room. What are you doing? Now mariyat Mukhina took patronage over my neck (biorevitalization with hylauronate), and abdomen with postoperative scar sort. MCPFE lipolytics are in it, ozone, “Longido” (drug – Approx.ed.) in the scar. In parallel, I swim, eat properly (well, except the red one) and do massage,” shared Gordon.

Fans of the star thanked her for her sincere confession and found that it looks great. “Beautiful Kate”, “Young and good”, “I Congratulate you on motherhood! You umnichka” – discussed the users of social networks.

Earlier Katya Gordon was published on premium channel RU TV. To appear on the red carpet the woman chose a stylish white dress to the floor. Many followers Kati and visitors of the event noted that her luxury outfit. All night Gordon took compliments about appearance. In his microblog celebrity said he does not feel emotions for this reason. “I like the way I grow up… or grow old… Photo without a filter, because a good make-up. And I swear that I don’t want my twenty years back… I want my 36, 37 or even 50. I know what I want, who I want and how I want. This is the beauty,” said Katia.

We also recall that last year a prominent lawyer did surgery on eyes. Kate Gordon decided on this procedure because of vision problems. According to the lawyer, in a few years it dropped to -4. So Kate had to wear contacts, but from them she has tired eyes. Before you contact an ophthalmologist, Gordon was thinking a few years, carefully checking each physician advised her friends. Catherine Gordon had surgery on his eyes