Kate Gordon changed the name of the child

Катя Гордон изменила имя ребенку The boy’s father turned against the selected star and a young mother had to give. Kate Gordon explained why she was so hard to decide, and as her chosen one was able to persuade her.

      A month ago, the singer and the owner of the legal company “Gordon and sons” Katya Gordon for the second time became a mother. In one of the Moscow medical centers from 36-year-old celebrity was born the second son. The delivery was heavier than she expected, Kate admitted that she lost a lot of blood, doctors miraculously saved her life.

      “I’m still not fully recovered, says Kate “StarHit”. – After all, they gave me 4 pints of blood, the body restores and renews your blood for about 100 days. But is ready to fight. Unfortunately, the consequences are still felt: the doctors have forbidden me the next couple of months lifting weights, anything that weighs more than one kilogram. So not even can take newborn son in his arms. But soon everything will fall into place. Try to take care of yourself, enjoy the spring and each new day.”

      A name for the baby, the presenter chose herself – she called the boy Leon. However, his dad, this option is not liked. Together the pair managed to find a compromise in this matter.

      “We called the son of the Seraphim – continues Gordon. – Dad just thinks that if we give baby unusual names, old Christian or Catholic. To me, when I first saw him, thought he was such a lion. I try to be wise and to go forward, listened to the man. In principle, a new name for me now like it even more than Leon. Seraphim is in honor of one of my favorite saints, St. Seraphim of Sarov. Plus Seraph is a fiery angel of the highest rank of angels. Just before checking in, I realized that this is what the baby should call”.

      As she admits, her eldest son Dan could not get used to the fact that now he will have to share mom’s attention with her brother. And the nature of the boys also turned out very different.

      “It’s amazing, but in the stomach it was clear what he would be – smiling star. – Danka was originally sensitive…. Pregnant I was working on a new album. Senior in this respect, a lot like me – creative people is growing. Seraphim is also very patient, I bore him to the age when she learned to endure, to remain silent. He almost doesn’t cry only when something really hurts. Absolutely two different son. He is jealous, of course, but by first education I’m a child psychologist-teacher – ‘m with him as much time. Sure, soon the little will not spill water”.

      By the way, Kate Gordon shared with subscribers of a picture in the signature to which has told about the joyous event. It became known that the businesswoman baptized his youngest heir in one of the temples of Moscow. The lawyer did not hide the fact that I’m very glad it happened. “I’m a happy man. I am incredibly happy people, sometimes, sagraves seen whines. My family more and more,” wrote Kate in the microblog.