Кейт Бекинсейл рассказала, как ей удается поддерживать тело в идеальной форме

Кейт Бекинсейл рассказала, как ей удается поддерживать тело в идеальной форме

46-year-old British actress, star of such films as “underworld” and “van Helsing”, graced the cover of the famous American magazine. The celebrity starred in the sports photo shoot and gave the glossy an interview in which he talked about how she manages to always look perfect and attractive.

The body Kate is very sensitive to some types of products, so she had to completely eliminate from your diet coffee and chocolate. Star says that with pleasure would like to eat a tile of black chocolate, but from the outside it will look like she has used cocaine.

The actress is very demanding on your body, so all the trials with the press or other muscles, it holds physically. Compares himself to a horse, or any other hardy animals. When thoughts arise about bad food, it just picks up and goes to the gym, in once again experiencing your body.

Her day begins with a sports hall, which she visits six times a week. Does the star of not one, but with the coach. Tomorrow is full of protein, it boiled brisket or eggs with vegetable oil and herbs. After a workout in the rest of the day she eats different things, but mostly salads with cabbage and salmon, also with oils. Sometimes Kate can treat myself to potato chips, but not by a lot but a small handful.

Her training begins with warming up the entire body, the woman performs 8 different exercises, each of which operates on two muscle groups. After that several approaches for 90 seconds cardio workout. And then the same 8 exercises, only with the extra weight. After intensive exercise 45 minutes cardio workout and at the end, of course, stretching with the coach.

Of course, there are times when she can’t do, so how is filming in another city or even country. So it is always at hand to record lessons on yoga, she performs every day before you start shooting. Kate says that through yoga, she was never traumatized in the difficult period of filming in action movies.

Still very funny and useful lesson, the actress says jumping on the trampoline, she even bought a small device that is put in my house in the kitchen. In this room the high ceilings. The actress jumps up there when we get a spare moment at home, I’m sure it’s insanely fun and interesting.

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