Кейт Бэкинсэйл старше мамы своего нового бойфренда
The star of “Another world” have got a young lover.

Кейт Бэкинсэйл старше мамы своего нового бойфренда

Kate Beckinsale


Matt Rife

Photo: @Instagram mattrife Matt rife

After Hollywood began to spread rumors that 43-year-old
Kate beckinsale has a new lover,
reporters staged a real hunt for the actress. And soon they were lucky —
the star of the franchise “Another world” was caught in the company of the young actor, specializing
“stand-up comedy” Matt rife. This was reported by the website etonline.com.

Paparazzi managed to photograph Kate kissing Matt in the street — nearby
located in West Hollywood’s popular nightclub, Villa Lounge. As was confirmed later by friends
Of beckinsale, she’s really Dating a Rife. Their romance began not so
long ago, after they met at a party of mutual friends.

Most people long knowledgeable Kate, surprised
that Beckinsale chose a boyfriend in the style of Madonna is 22 years younger than
herself. Moreover, Kate is 2 years older
what my mother rife! However, neither Kate or Matt it seems
does not bother. Rife quite clearly expressed on this subject, writing in his
microblog this week: “Age is
it’s only a number. Just find
your love and achieve reciprocity!”

Roman Beckinsale with a Rife, began just six months after
the actress and her husband Les Wiseman, with whom she lived for 11 years, announced his intention to divorce. However,
in fact, they broke up a year earlier. And Les, like Kate, has already managed to acquire new
girlfriend. Recall that before the meeting with Wiseman, Beckinsale was an 8-year affair with the actor
Michael sheen, with whom she had a daughter Lily, now 18 years old.