Kate beckinsale finally parted with her husband

Кейт Бекинсейл окончательно рассталась с супругом The actress and her husband Len Wiseman divorce. They lived together for 13 years. However, recently the Director filed papers in court for divorce. Soon Kate will once again a free woman.

      Кейт Бекинсейл окончательно рассталась с супругом

      Kate beckinsale has ceased to live with her husband len Wiseman a year ago. Then the star of paintings “a Different world” found out about the cheating lover with a young actress C. J. Franco. However, a divorce they didn’t hurry. According to foreign tabloids, Len had already decided to break up with Kate and filed documents in the appropriate authority. Because before the wedding the Hollywood stars signed a prenuptial agreement, no difficulty in the division of property then they would not have. The same applies to a custody dispute: they had no children.

      The Network has already appeared the statement of the Director to review the California Supreme court. The man filled out all pages of the document, even putting the date of their wedding. Rumors of a rift in the family went for about a year. 43-year-old Kate began to appear on the red carpet one, but the photographers did not notice her hand the engagement ring. Both spouses did not comment on his departure.

      Some time ago a source close to the couple said that Beckinsale and Wiseman parted friends. “They spend time together in Los Angeles when Kate came to town. There were no scandals,” – said the familiar actress to foreign tabloids.

      Surprisingly, but many believed that Beckinsale has finally found his chosen one, which would be ready to age. Kate and Len met in 2003 while working on the painting “Another world”. The actress already was behind a failed relationship with Michael sheen.

      “Len met when both were 29 years old. But really man grows after thirty. And I don’t believe that, having met in 20 years, can be seriously and permanently save the relationship. So we have grown up together,” said the star of the beginning of the novel with Weisman.

      Perhaps now all the attention Kate will attend the filming of the new part of the cult film “underworld: blood War”, which will present this year. Plus, Beckinsale is trying to spend his free time along with 15-year-old daughter Lily. The actress suffers, as the heir lives in England and she was a constant busy filming in the United States.