Kate Beckinsale decided to divorce

Кейт Бекинсэйл решилась на развод
The star of “Another world” decided to end her disappointing marriage.

Kate beckinsale and Len Wiseman


As it became known, 43-year-old
actress Kate Beckinsale has filed a petition for divorce. In fact, the first
six months ago, about his desire to end the marriage, said her husband is a Director and
producer Len Wiseman. However, all this time Kate could not be resolved
to put the point in the history of her marriage. But now, by submitting his application in
the court, she gave the official start of the divorce process.

That the family of Kate and
Lena, who got married back in 2004 and the year, not all is well are talking
back in the fall of 2015. Then taking advantage of the absence of his wife, who left
shooting the fifth part of the franchise “Another world” in Prague, Len, who at the time
was 42 years old, was partying with 24-year-old beauty-model — CJ Franco. He invited her to have dinner with
him in restaurants, and at the same time, openly flirted with a girl, no
hesitate presence of strangers. It is unlikely Wiseman could hope to hide
your flirt wife. The paparazzi, of course, tracked him down with Franco and pictures
in the press, and Kate, of course, was outraged.

Shortly after her return to
America, everyone noticed that, Beckinsale began to appear in public without his
wedding rings. However, later she again started to wear a symbol of marriage
that is regarded as a sign of reconciliation of the spouses. However, in the fall of 2016 Len
unexpectedly filed a petition for divorce that was a very unpleasant surprise for
Kate. The actress was severely disappointed, because it collapsed the second marriage. In
the first time she got married, in the now distant 1995, for an actor, Michael Splint, and divorced him in 2003.
Moreover, her first marriage ended so much more peacefully: Kate and Michael, from
whom she bore his only daughter to wife, Lily, remained friends and helped
each other to raise their common child. However, now Lily has already turned 18
years and it is much less in need of care parent…