Карл Лагерфельд рассказал о том, как мама отреагировала на его нетрадиционную ориентацию

85-year-old Karl Lagerfeld rarely talks about his personal life. In a recent interview The Cut Maitre fashion revealed the curtain on his past, childhood, love, and even social networks. Carl spoke about how his mother reacted to the fact that he’s gay.

“We haven’t even discussed the fact that I’m gay. My mother said that this is how to change your hair color,” says Carl. after the death of his beloved Jacques remains one to this day. On family the designer did not think, and especially about having children. “I love children, but other people,” says Carl.

It seems, for family Lagerfeld is not created. “I don’t know how to cook and make the bed.” And creative Director of Chanel does not use smartphone to get the latest news. All the necessary information he gets from assistants and from the journals: “I Have no time for this. Should I draw sketches, I need to play with supect I need to get some sleep. The day is too short for that.”

Recall that Karl Lagerfeld has long kept silent his position on account of sexual harassment in Hollywood, because the designer has long been “fed up” of what is happening and believes that the new “reforms” in the working with models “bind” him hand.

In response to a journalist’s question about confessions of sexual harassment in an interview with Numéro 84-year-old designer said that “fed” them. “I was most shocked starlet that took 20 years to remember what happened. Again, no witnesses. All these accusations of harassment have become quite harmful… I read somewhere that now need to be mandatory to ask the model if her pose. From this point on as the designer, you can do nothing,” – says creative Director of Chanel.

Despite the negative attitude to the movement, Lagerfeld and Weinstein is not very fond of. While Lagerfeld has championed the stylist Karl Templer accused of inappropriate behavior.

“In the history of the poor Templer I don’t believe a word of it. One girl complained that he tried to get into her pants, and it instantly banished from the profession in which he excelled prior to this incident. This is incredible! If you don’t want to you pulled down your pants, go to a convent!” – emotionally responded the designer.

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