Карина Мишулина готова работать с Тимуром Еремеевым Almost a year the parties are unable to resolve the conflict. Karina Mishulina, has made her appeal on protection of honour and dignity would be addressed in court. Despite the fact that it conflicts with Timur Yeremeyev, the actress will leave a personal claim, if she ever have to work with him.
Карина Мишулина готова работать с Тимуром Еремеевым

Last fall there was a scandal around the family Spartaka Mishulina. Timur Eremeev insists that he is the illegitimate son of the actor – it was proved by DNA test. However, daughter Karina and wife Spartak Vasilyevich Valentina Konstantinovna was outraged by the allegations Eremeeva and filed a lawsuit on protection of honor, dignity and business reputation. However, in March the servants of Themis took the side of Timur, the decision came into legal force than stumped Michelini. According to Karina, she filed an appeal at the end of the same month, but the documents were lost. In the end, the daughter of Spartak Vasilyevich took part in the Council of judges within the framework of the Commission on ethics, which addressed the work of the Tushino court. They suspected that judges are intentionally delaying the process. Now the parties are preparing for new meetings.

“The arguments of the parties Eremeeva that Karina Mishulina may not participate in appeal meetings, was rejected by the court. The decision itself can be verified by the Moscow city court as the evidence and circumstances referred to by lawyers Timur Eremeeva. His lawyer Ms. Krylova categorically demanded to deny Karine of Mishulin in everything possible. The court found no reason that would find the arguments of counsel Eremeeva reasonable”, – commented on the situation “StarHit” the lawyer of Mishulin Valeriy Panasiuk.
Карина Мишулина готова работать с Тимуром Еремеевым

Now Karina is waiting, when will be able again to defend the honor and dignity in court. She was uncomfortable that for four months she could not obtain the consideration of her appeal. “We showed some ridiculous claims that we allegedly misfiled documents, although their was a lawyer by all the rules, clung to everything, delaying the process,” said Karina.

Карина Мишулина готова работать с Тимуром Еремеевым

Now, however, the life of Mishulin does not consist of endless trials and meetings in the studios of the talk show. The actress continues to work – she said that soon will show. While the project is in development, but because it does not reveal all of its secrets.

“I play the wife of the district, such a country person. One unit we filmed in July, in late August, back to revision. I don’t know on what channel will megastrike”, – said the artist.

Mishulina admitted that if ever she happen to be busy in one performance or on the set with Yeremeyev will be from the project. “A profession is a profession, it remains personal outside of work,” concluded Mishulina.