Karina Mishulina Timur Eremeeva: “It is the whole country again pours mud at me…”

Карина Мишулина о Тимуре Еремееве: «Он на всю страну опять поливает меня грязью...»
The actress explained why her mother refuses to withdraw the suit.

Karina Mishulina and Timur Eremeev

Photo: Social Networks

Relationship recently reconciled Timur Eremeeva and Karina of Mishulin, it seems, have once again become hostile. Recently it became known that Karina withdrew a lawsuit to Yeremeyev, but her mother — Valentina no. She could not forgive Timur inflicted injuries. It was reported that at the hearings on the case about “lies and slander” it will represent Karina. Timur was upset and said that he did not expect from the sister of such an act, because he was sure that he really made peace with Carina.

Now speaking of Karina. She said that in the current situation, could not take another decision. “Today was a trial! I, as promised, took action. So, I see no reason to sue, and consider the story finished. But I was forced to be mom’s representative in court, as she completely fell ill. And not the fact that they can go to court. And the lawyer will not be able to Express the position of man. Yes, I failed to persuade her to take action. But it is her right. And maybe as a woman and wife, I can understand. She’s hurt and sad for my love. And she wants to whitewash her husband. If she still change your mind and take action, I’m happy! If not, then that’s her business and her choice,” Karina shared on his page in the social network.

Karina added that he is familiar with the comments which gave Timur after the trial. “I heard rumours that Timur, accuses me of dishonesty… Well, God is the judge. It is strange that without calling me and without knowing the details, it is the whole country again pours mud at me… Although I’m more suzhus with him! Well, it’s his choice!” — said Timur Karina. It seems that this scandal, which seemed to come to a logical conclusion, there will be several more “acts”. The thaw in relations Karina and Timur took place and now she once again found themselves on different sides of the barricades.

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