Karina Mishulina supported Timur Eremeeva in the theater

Карина Мишулина поддержала Тимура Еремеева в театре The actress attended the show with the participation of a new brother. Karina Mishulina published a photo directly from the auditorium. Fans are happy that the relatives managed to settle all the conflicts and find a common language.
Карина Мишулина поддержала Тимура Еремеева в театре

The scandal associated with the name of the famous actor Spartaka Mishulina, did not cease for several months. The fact that the stars of the Soviet screen, was an adult son who had a lot of evidence of the reality of family ties. The daughter of actor Karina was outraged by the statements of the stranger, and is therefore often behaved rudely broadcast a variety of programs.

Himself Timur Yeremeyev did not get tired to stress that it is not interested in the legacy of his famous father. The young man only wanted acceptance by the family. After conducting a DNA test, it became clear that Karina is really a brother. The heirs of Spartaka Mishulina decided to bury the hatchet and become a family.

Previously, Karina was already published photos with his brother in social media and talked about the process of rapprochement with it.

“It was a difficult path for me. A journey full of pain, misunderstanding, resentment and tears. But the good must win! And the beginning, I think it should be. P. S. All those who supported us – thank you! Who criticized me, thank you. You all really helped,” previously wrote Mishulina on Instagram.
Карина Мишулина поддержала Тимура Еремеева в театре

Now the young woman accepted the invitation of his brother and attended a performance of “Christmas escape toy” with his participation. In the production of Timur Yeremeyev plays multiple roles. Apparently, Karina is left in awe of the creative experimentation of a relative, therefore, hastened to share the photo directly from the auditorium.

“Timur, good luck! And thanks for the invitation,” signed by the young woman.

Recall that Eremeev listed in troupe of the Central academic theatre of the Russian army. Young people are involved in 15 productions, where he gets both dramatic and comedic roles. Besides Timur actively playing movies and TV shows.

Karina attended one of the performances of the brother together with her husband Ivan Korobov. A little later, Karina confessed that incredibly happy.

“Today was an amazing day! A full weekend with the family. We watched a wonderful show, walked through the center of Moscow, went to the GUM! I remember childhood, taste the lovely ice cream from the Gum, our endless walks with dad that yet another Moscow,and the feeling that everything is just beginning and definitely will be well,” said Mishulina.

The fans hope that after all the scandals Karina and Timur will become a real family. However, they star relatives don’t jump to conclusions and while looking at each other.

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