Karina Mishulina outraged by the meanness of the alleged brother

Карина Мишулина возмущена подлостью предполагаемого брата The daughter of a famous actor publicly appealed to Timur Yeremeyev. Karina Mishulina wrote an open letter in which he accuses the young man of lying. The actress matched voiced by Timur in an interview the facts with their data and came to the conclusion that he did not know her father Spartaka Mishulina.
Карина Мишулина возмущена подлостью предполагаемого брата

A public hearing between the daughter and the alleged son of the famous actor Spartaka Mishulina gaining momentum. Possible brother and sister Karina Mishulina and Timur Eremeev exchange hard-hitting interview. Everyone is trying to prove his innocence.

Karina’s reaction to one of the public statements of Timur was an open letter in which the actress denied the data given by the man. Comparing stories Eremeeva with your facts about the father of Karina Mishulina came to the conclusion that Timur did not know what kind of person was Spartak Mishulin.

Responding to the words Eremeeva about what her father helped his mother to find a job with vahtershey in their home, Karina says that Spartak Vasilyevich would never let the mother of your son to work on this post.

Карина Мишулина возмущена подлостью предполагаемого брата“Believe me, dad would rather do your tour Director for then did not get out of concerts! The position is not relatively complex, but it is possible to go and no one will suspect anything. I never said that the cleaners work is not respected! On the contrary! Any work is beautiful and worthy! I merely said that any normal man not want his woman mopping the floors in someone else’s house, and sat on watch where the blows! Yes, and the wife and daughter go constantly! Yes, and they paid a penny! And dad would never have let the mother of your child need! He married my mother, only when he was able to buy a one bedroom apartment, because I thought that his beloved must be the bedroom! And her work banned! In order not to leave! And then… on the watch to sit? Three jobs to work? No, Eremeev didn’t know my dad! That’s for sure!” – concludes Karina Mishulina.
Карина Мишулина возмущена подлостью предполагаемого брата

The indignation of the daughter of Spartaka Mishulina caused by the fact that Timur Eremeev allowed himself to talk publicly about what famous actor was sick with “mumps”. Karina claims that the diagnosis the the man had told it in personal correspondence. It was expected that he will announce it to the whole country.

“I wrote Yeremeyev “the PM” that the Pope could not have children after 1981 because of the mumps. At that moment I didn’t know the details of dad’s illness. Know that there is infertility, but the cause is not known. Yes, it’s OK, I’m a daughter, not a wife to be to know all the intimate details. Later mom explained to me what happened and why is there infertility. For confirmation of this fact the judicial request will be sent to the clinic for obtaining medical records. Speaking of the mumps I wrote in the PM, not the whole country. If Eremeev wants to publish personal correspondence in the media… Dad taught me that it is low and despicable!” – outraged Karina Mishulina.

Put the artist into question and the fact that her father could help Yeremeyev and his mother to an apartment in Moscow. “I don’t want anybody in what to convince, I hope for the objectivity of readers, concluded, Karina Mishulina in an open letter published in “Television”. And Yeremeyev want to appeal to their conscience and stop lying to the whole country”.