Карина Мишулина готовится к новому суду с Тимуром Еремеевым The actress spoke about the results of the process with Timur Yeremeyev. Karina Mishulina not going to give up. The court was handed papers that in Sweden, experts have not found biological material on the clothing of Carlson, in which it would be possible to conduct DNA tests.
Карина Мишулина готовится к новому суду с Тимуром Еремеевым

In “Andrey Malakhov. Live” Karina Mishulina shared what happened at the last meeting. We will remind, Timur Eremeev won the case. However, the daughter of Spartak Vasilyevich wants to appeal. Karina Mishulina argues that hall was not the most Eremeeva, and only attended by his representatives.

“We have rejected all the petitions, witnesses… From their side was not provided with any evidence,” – said the heroine of this program.

According to the lawyer Eremeeva, Victoria Krylova, the courts should have ended much earlier. “Felt relieved, as the process lasted a long time,” said legal representative.

After the last court session Eremeev allegedly refused to talk to the press, and hurried in the car. It was rumored that he had a protection, but Timur has denied these data in a social network.

In turn, Karina has prepared all the documents on the DNA-test for the court.

“To close the subject forever, the lawsuit was about honor and dignity, and not about the son he or a son,” said Mishulina.
Карина Мишулина готовится к новому суду с Тимуром Еремеевым

We will remind, mother Eremeeva says he was at the funeral of Spartaka Mishulina. However, the widow of the artist never seen a woman. “She’s from Vologda did not come then,” – to recall the witnesses.

The widow of the Director of theater of Satire, Hell Topol, who lives in new York, said that the words Eremeevich is not a word of truth. “It’s all a lie. I am very closely following this story. The theatre is a place where everyone knows everything,” added the woman.

The teacher of Timur Eremeeva Tatiana graph also became a guest of the transmission. She said that as the father of the boy stood a dash. The boy’s mother only spoke a few facts: his father was involved in art. Hope the neighbor who lived near the family Eremeevich, admitted that his mother was a very private person, nothing telling about the individual.

At the end of the program came to the Studio Elena Suvorova, neighbor on giving Michelini. All the guests were surprised, she looks like Karina. She didn’t understand why ctolko negativity aimed at family Michelini.

“Our parents, my dad and Spartak Vasilyevich friends. When my dad found out about this article, he said that this can not be. I believe him and his memories,” said Elena.
Карина Мишулина готовится к новому суду с Тимуром Еремеевым

Ada poplar, which then failed again to get in touch, it seemed that the mother of Timur Yeremeyev tried to make Spartacus noticed her. According to the widow of the Director of the Theater of Satire, a DNA test was really about.

“I can’t believe it’s genetics, who first asked how much you will pay,” said Topol.

Papers re the DNA test came from Sweden to Moscow. The medical examiner Victor Kolkutin analyzed the documents. “If the study of clothing, biological discovered, and they discovered DNA, in the pretrial order one of the parties was to apply for judicial examination”, – said the expert.

Karina wants to protect his family’s honor and therefore had to file a number of statements to complete a number of lawsuits.

“First, February 22, we submitted to the Prosecutor’s three statements. If one of them will excite, but it will be a criminal case. In addition, we have filed an appeal against the decision of the court on March 2… My father, for me, everything is sacred,” said Mishulina.

He Yeremeyev did not say anything specific about the trial. At the end of the broadcast showed a video of the actor who filmed during a tour in Surgut. “All right,” the brief said alleged son of Mishulina, and then congratulated with the upcoming eighth March.