Karina Mishulina introduced daughters with Timur Yeremeyev

Карина Мишулина познакомила дочерей с Тимуром Еремеевым The actors try to establish a relationship. Until recently, Karina did not want to acknowledge an illegitimate son of her father Spartaka Mishulina. Only after examination proved their relationship, the actress ceased to be adamant towards brother Timur Yeremeyev.
Карина Мишулина познакомила дочерей с Тимуром Еремеевым

Not long ago, the DNA results put an end to the resonant case of the alleged son of Spartaka Mishulina Timur Eremeeva. The examination proved that the young actor is really a bloodline of the famous artist. During the talk show legitimate daughter Karina was determined not so friendly to the latter-day brother. She was outraged that he made this show, though, in her opinion, had just come to her and tell her about the relationship.

Timur Eremeev – son of Spartaka Mishulina. The whole history of the conflict between relatives

However, a week later, Karina and Timur have settled our differences. They met in a relaxed atmosphere. And now Mishulina introduced Eremeeva with their children – Christine and Pauline, because now they have “new” uncle. All this happened on the set of the next issue of “Let them talk”.

“What, again?” – you will ask. Yes!” – posted by Karina on Twitter by sharing a photo hashtags “peace” and “friendship”.

Fans were so happy with the fact that relatives were able to overcome their differences and find the strength to accept each other. “I didn’t expect that Carina crossed through myself, and pleased that she acted as beloved daughter of his dad. Very nice, well done! Happiness to all of you!”, “Well, that’s nice! Mind won feelings. The right decision. Be happy!”, “I must confess you I initially was not pretty. But then I took a liking to you! And now I am sincerely glad for your happy family! Karina, you are done! Happiness to you and your family,” wrote a follower.

However, it is not known whether there were filming one of the nearest releases “Let them talk” the wife and daughter of Timur Eremeeva. Earlier, the young actor said that he tries to prove his kinship with the famous Spartak Vasilyevich only for the sake of the child could proudly say, who is the grandfather. Timur Eremeev about the result of the DNA test: “Spartak Mishulin my dad? It was not a surprise for me”

“I would like to address the audience that is following this story and ask people to be gentle in the comments and judgments towards my sister and our moms. I had no formal right to such a request, but now, after the official establishment of our relationship, I insist on it”, – said Eremeev.