Karina Mishulina gathered new evidence of lies Timur Eremeeva

Карина Мишулина собрала новые доказательства лжи Тимура Еремеева The court lost documents of the appeal. Lawyer Karina of Mishulin had to prove that they timely filed a complaint. Lawyers cannot understand how they lost important papers. The actress is upset that the case is delayed.
Карина Мишулина собрала новые доказательства лжи Тимура Еремеева

The scandal around the family Spartaka Mishulina erupted last fall when the actor Timur Eremeev all over the country said that he is the illegitimate son of the famous Soviet artist. The widow and daughter of Spartak Vasilyevich was beside himself from the allegation of a young man. They don’t pull and filed a lawsuit on protection of honor, dignity and business reputation.

Recently on the website of the Moscow city court there was a record that Timur Eremeev won the case, the plaintiffs did not appeal, thus the decision entered into force. However, a few days later it turned out that Mishulin did not agree with the decision. Moreover, their appeal was considered. “StarHit” figured out how that was possible.

“We filed an appeal in the 20 days of March, as we had time until the beginning of April. And then we learn that the decision entered into force, how is this possible? The lawyer went to find out all the circumstances, and it turned out that our complaint was just lost. How could this happen and who benefits? Well, that the lawyer kept the documents that get sent, so we could prove that we did everything within the law. However, now the case is delayed because registered the complaint on 10 April, and the hearing is usually a month later then have to wait for the beginning of may,” said Karina.

Mishulina hopes that she will be able to defend their position. She admitted that during this time she has new evidence in its favor, however, while she prefers not to disclose all of the information gathered.

“Of course, we have a lot of doubt and suspicion – that the false witnesses on the part of the defendants, the absence of any decent evidence, continues Mishulina. – We care if Timur doesn’t want to show a birth certificate. Of course, this suggests that presumably the father is not blank, and listed some other man.”

The daughter of Spartak Vasilyevich admitted that in their relations with Timur, nothing has changed – they still do not communicate. Karina also continues to wait for the decision about excitation of criminal cases for libel. According to her, already in the second half of April this will be known. Mishulin demand to initiate a criminal case against Eremeeva