Karina Mishulina — brother: “I didn’t expect that you will not be able to control yourself!”

Карина Мишулина — брату: «Я не ожидала, что не смогу себя контролировать!»
Karina and Timur again met in the Studio of the TV show.

Карина Мишулина — брату: «Я не ожидала, что не смогу себя контролировать!»

Understand that over time, getting more and more like dad. Looking at the pictures where he is young — it seems like a mirror look

Photo: L. Svetlova/archive T. Eremeeva

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Daughter and son Spartaka Mishulina first met after the announcement of the DNA results. It happened in the Studio program “Let them talk” on channel one. Task presenter Dmitry Borisov was in whatever was to reconcile the brother and sister. However, this was not so easy to do.

Recall, even after it became clear that Timur Yeremeyev with a probability of 99.9% is native son Spartaka Mishulina, his daughter Karina still have questions. In particular, she “found fault” to the fact that Timur and her father do not match the data on the Y-chromosome, which, she claimed, are very important in determining kinship through the male line.

The expert, who conducted a complex analysis of DNA, explained this controversial situation: “Method for determination of paternity on the Y-chromosome is the easiest. Yes, his figure is only 95%. But 20 years ago, even in Germany, these figures signified a positive result. Again, no one thinks that the chromosome can mutate that likely happened in the case of Spartaka Mishulina and Timur Eremeeva. You look at the first line on one metric, but not the last, where the listed total score of 99.9%. In addition, we have conducted the analysis of similarity Karina and Timur. Their relationship is confirmed by 99.9%!”

We must pay tribute to Karin of Mishulin. She acknowledged that her behavior at the beginning of this story was incorrect.

“I did not expect that you will not be able to control yourself, she said. If it wasn’t me, so you can’t call yourself to. Thank you this story is that I became wiser. I realized that sometimes life itself gives us the rules of the game, which are not always preferred. Need to grow up. Dad did everything to keep me infantile girl. Still a lot of questions. There are facts which do not relate to the history of Timur. There are many questions, we understand. For some reason, I think that once Timur’s son, so everything else that he says is true. Understand, I do not deny the son he or a son. The thing is, how this person came into our family. If he just came to our home, it would be too hard, but it would be behind the scenes. And not, all over the country. I brought up on the concepts, not on someone else’s misfortune to build happiness!”

We will remind, Timur Yeremeyev has told that he is the bastard son of Spartaka Mishulina, in an interview with the magazine “Caravan of Stories” at the end of summer 2017. He first decided to have a Frank conversation, because he wanted his children, knew who was their grandfather, and officially considered a great artist grandfather. He himself in his childhood was deprived of the right to call Mishulina father. The actor does not claim any inheritance, or even the name of Spartak Vasilyevich. He just wanted to call him dad. The official family of the actor, the widow and daughter, very negative about the situation. Their frustration is understandable, but they have argued in the media that Timur was a cheater and a liar. A DNA test, which was conducted by the best experts of the country in the project “Let them talk”, showed that Eremeev really is a native son Mishulina.