Karina Mishulina announced a new shocking facts about Eremeeva

Карина Мишулина озвучила новые шокирующие факты о Еремееве The successor of the actor for a long time defends the honor of the late father. As admitted Karina, Timur Eremeev literally ruined her life. The woman was convinced that the young artist are the patrons.
Карина Мишулина озвучила новые шокирующие факты о Еремееве

More than six months, the ongoing conflict between the daughter of actor Spartaka Mishulina Karina and her alleged half-brother Timur Yeremeyev. The man claims to be the illegitimate son of national artist. As the rightful heir of this fact is not willing to accept.

Karina urged the media and the public to stop to escalate the situation. Mishulina went to court, and now there are numerous lawsuits in different courts.

“In theater I at the moment don’t work. I think there’s just reasoned like this: “No man – no problem!” Apparently, the Director decided to fire me to the theater no stains. Now a lot of the time I takes judicial confusion,” – said Karina.

Mishulina convinced that her cheating for a long time. Timur Eremeev, according to the daughter of people’s artist, brazenly slandered her father.

Карина Мишулина озвучила новые шокирующие факты о Еремееве“I served on the citizen Eremeeva libel suit, this 128 article. And denied my claim under article 137 – introduction to private life. Frustrating when they make you an idiot. Probably, it is necessary to change something in our judicial system. Therefore, we have again addressed in court. We will go to the end. We have documents confirming that what makes one of the Federal TV channels, telling a supposedly true story about the illegitimate son of my dad, is a complete falsification,” said Mishulina.

The heiress of the great actor is convinced that Eremeev operates with the support of wealthy patrons. Thanks to them, his name became known all over the country.

“Behind him are some people. It’s all a big PR-campaign of a certain person, the boy just wanted to spin, that’s all. I found on the Internet various posts Eremeeva. He is a member of the musical group, and there is a video where he sings about how he loves unconventional sex. On the anniversary of the death of the Pope in the years he has posted pictures of where having fun with friends. There are pictures where he is in this day is something to celebrate, embracing some men. Eremeeva, for sure, have a rich sponsor. Think about it, the boy was not previously known to anyone. And now he knows every dog. I think nobody expected that we will submit to the court. Everyone thought that we will cry, we will break and he will be a star. But I was strong!” – said Karina.
Карина Мишулина озвучила новые шокирующие факты о Еремееве

Mishulina noted that the scandal Eremeev dealt a severe blow to its reputation. According to Karina, even his father’s friends turned against her.

“God forbid anyone of such PR. Just every day was painful! Here is a man by the name of Dobrynin in the program said that in the 84th year, the Pope told him about Timur. But I know for sure that this was not. I was reading dad’s diaries, which was just painted every day, and there was no hint at illegitimate child. My mom never believes it to be true, every day she cries because can’t protect the Pope. Nervous she lost her teeth due to periodontal disease. A lawyer Eremeeva it also makes fun of the whole country, says: “And let’s hair it’s so awesome!” told daughter Spartaka Mishulina.

Карина Мишулина озвучила новые шокирующие факты о Еремееве

Even his daughter Karina will participate in the conflict with Timur Yeremeyev. Eldest granddaughter Spartaka Mishulina constantly received threats.

“The youngest, who is now eight years old, especially not in the subject. And the eldest is 14, she goes to school. Fortunately, her class is all on our side. She said to me: “Mom, it all want to beat!” But on the Internet, my kids write all sorts of nasty things. For example, the eldest always gets the following messages: “fuck you, your mother is a prostitute, how do you live with her, she should be deprived of parental rights.” And each message Mat-peremat. But my daughter is now a teenager, especially when impressionable children are thrown from the Windows. I now have a feeling that there is a purposeful destruction of my family” – said Karina.

Mishulina am sure if the famous father was alive, he sure took revenge on all oppressors of his daughter and wife. According to Karina, the actor doted on them.

“My dad was not a coward, was a very decent, vulnerable man, believe in goodness, always justified. If he was doing something nasty, he said: “Probably, it is necessary that man sorry!” All his life he wanted a son. He told me in the will even wrote: “give me a grandson!” When I was pregnant with eldest daughter Christine, he really hoped that my stomach is still not a girl but a boy. I’m at the tomb of the Pope, and even during his lifetime promised to still give him a grandson Spartaka Mishulina. Now that will end all of the proceedings, I get a little rest and will definitely fulfill the promise,” admitted Karina.

In an interview with “Interlocutor” Karina expressed the hope that all lawsuits with Timur Yeremeyev will be completed this fall.

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